The Finis Freestyler Paddle is a patented hand paddle designed to improve freestyle stroke technique. Unlike other paddles, the Freestyler is not designed for resistance or strength training, instead the paddles hydrodynamic shape decreases resistance through the water, thereby improving extension and distance per stroke. The Freestyler's unique shape and 'skeg' design improves streamlined hand entry which lengthens each arm stroke. A longer stroke creates a better pull through and better body roll technique.

The smaller white 'junior' version of the paddles is designed for use by junior athletes but is also perfect for women 1.65m (5' 6") or shorter who may find the full-size paddles a little large.


Swim Smooth's Opinion:

The Freestylers are not a strength paddle but a technique paddle. They are a great tool to help you work on your hand placement and alignment in the water. Unlike normal paddles which can cause shoulder injury if used incorrectly, the improvements the Freestylers make to your stroke help you avoid shoulder injury.

Swimming is not limited by strength, it's limited by technique. That's why we're such big fans of these paddles.

The Freestylers very much fit with the Cause And Effect principle behind our coaching. They primarily help prevent crossing over the midline (see picture on the right) as you enter forward. By correcting this 'cause' they remove many of the 'effects' a cross-over creates - shoulder injury, swimming off course in open water and scissor kicking.

The freestylers help you remove cross-over from your stroke.
The paddles correct cross-over by being quite unstable on your hand. They have only one strap for your middle finger and being shaped like an arrow-head with a unique skeg design on the bottom they straighten themselves up in the water. A bit like the tail on a weather vane keeping it pointing into the wind, the skeg likes to keep the paddle pointing straight up the lane. So, if you cross over the centre line in your stroke technique, the paddle tries to straighten you up and you feel this - instant feedback you're doing something wrong!

When you swim with the freestylers it's important not to grab the paddle by wrapping your fingers around the edges. Instead rest your hand on the top and keep your fingers together as you would in your normal stroke. Any inefficiency in the way in which you enter the water will result in the paddle lifting or feeling very awkward, giving you immediate feedback on how well you are entering - great!

Unlike normal paddles, Freestylers are designed to improve your stroke technique not your strength.
With correct hand entry and no cross-over the effect will be a more streamlined body position and no scissor-kicking of the legs. Scissor kicks are a natural reaction to a loss of balance caused by crossing the centre line in your stroke technique.

In summary, these paddles help you develop the following aspects of your swimming technique:

1) Correct a poor hand entry

2) Improve streamlining as you enter

3) Set-up for a better catch and pull through

4) Prevent midline cross-over which causes shoulder injury and scissor kicks which in turn create lots of drag.

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A final tip from us. As you swim with these paddles focus on slightly more pressure on the front of the paddle (under your finger tips) than on your wrist as you enter the water. This will prevent a hydro-planing effect which would cause you to drop your wrist and elbow when pulling through.

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