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We offer swim coaching for adults between the ages of 18 and 70+ from total novice to professional triathlete, and all within our uniquely supportive enviroment at the wonderful Olympic Stadium and Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montréal ! Find out more...

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Re-Opening from  March 9th  2021
Monday and Tuesday from 6:30am to 1pm

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What We Do


We offer swim coaching for adults between the ages of 18 and 80+. We cater for every ability level you can imagine - from total novice to professional triathlete - and all within our uniquely supportive environment at the wonderful Piscine du Stade Olympique and Parc Jean-Drapeau


We coach triathletes, pool and open water swimmers without bias, unless of course you're a breast-stroker then you might be subject to the occassional joke here and there.


Alongside our 5 to 8 weekly squad sessions that cover all your training needs for any event, we offer our premium 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Sessions for those requiring a little extra special attention for their stroke technique. So popular is this service that we often have up to a 1 month waiting list for these sessions with people regularly selling their grannies to attend.

Who We Are


We are Swim Smooth - the world's leading authority in adult swim coaching! Sound too grandiose? We don't mind blowing our own trumpet every now and again. The International Triathlon Union (ITU) has garnered our services to re-write their entire swim coaching program for swimmers and triathletes just like you in 119 countries all around the world - we think that's pretty cool.


What's more, this swim program was devised and conceived  in sunny Perth, Western Australia by Head Coach Paul Newsome in 2004 who still coaches the majority of the squad's programs on a daily basis down there. So, you can be sure that by joining the program you are in the very best of hands.


We have over 150 active members with an average age of 38 and an average Critical Swim Speed (CSS) pace of 1:48/100m (from 1'15 to 2'20/100m). Our squad is the most wonderful group of people you could ever care to meet and they are a joy to coach and socialise with. Make sure you join the SS-Team!

What We Believe


We fundamentally believe that every swimmer in our squad is an individual. Yeah, yeah, cliché statements 101, however, our unique Swim Types coaching system recognises that we are all built differently, having had different swimming backgrounds and experiences and even having different learning styles. We're not all 6ft6in tall with the wingspan of an albatross and a swimming resumé that might make even Thorpie wince, nor are we all training solely for pool swimming (which is VERY different from swimming well in the open water!) - so why should we all be coached in the same way? We shouldn't, and you won't. 


Our Swim Types system allows our coaches to work out exactly what stroke technique suggestion and what training volume / frequency / intensity is right for you - not only that, we know how to communicate that with you better than any other swim coaching program you will find. In short, if you consider individuality important and like the notion that you will always be addressed by your own name not "you over there!" then you're onto a winner with us!

How We Work


Our main staple is our squad swim program, offering 5 to 8 weekly sessions (dependy on the season) focused primarily on developing your ability to swim freestyle efficiently over distances longer than 400m. Of course, we have the odd sprinter here and there, but they're usually shackled and dragged down to the next open water swimming event against their will whereupon they too become addicted to the wonderful world of distance freestyle.


Our sessions are attended on a Pay As You Go (PAYG) basis, which offers our swimmers great flexibility with respect to attendance. We're realists and recognise the fact that most of our members have families, young children, a job and busy social life and think it unfair to bind them to a monthly / quarterly payment system if they don't desire one. Whilst rolling over and hitting off the alarm is generally ridiculed at the next attendance along with 5,000 push-ups, we recognise that sometimes life just gets in the way and not every session can be attended.



When it comes to individualisation, we literally wrote the book on that with our world renowned "Swim Type" system which is baked into every session we deliver! Stop following the herd (that's easy) and do what's right for you (that's way more effective!)


Our Squad Coaches

Bart Rolet - Head Coach
First Swim Smooth certified coach in Canada

Bart Rolet is head coach and founder of Swim Smooth Montréal.
In 2013, after 4 years as head coach for one of the largest triathlon club in Montreal 

he founded "La SwimSquad Montréal" who became in a few month the biggest adult squad in Montréal with up to 8 sessions per week.

He's been travelling to California (2013) and Australia (2016) to become the first Swim Smooth Certified Coach in Canada.
He is certified by Triathlon Canada and get involved with Triathlon Quebec to train coaches in 2013-2014.
Bart is an experienced and competitive triathlete racing on any distances,  racing the 70.3 and IronMan World Championship, including 3 participation in Kona,  finishing top 3 Quebecois in 2015.
Bart has spent thousands of hours on the pool deck sharing his passion for swimming with athletes from any level. 
So be you just starting out or aiming for the top, don't be afraid to join the squad.

Bart Rolet 
Head Coach
Certified Swim Smooth Coach

Christine Sauvageau Squad Coach
NCCP Level 2 certified

Christine has extensive experience as a former competitive swimmer and coach.
Certified Level 2 from the National Coaching Certification Program, she has coached swimmers at various ages and levels from Learn to Swim to Junior national and master's team, including open water 1-5k races.
She also holds a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and is a certified lifeguard.

Melissa Rattue     Squad Coach

Melissa had a solid background in coaching, she followed the  Swim Smooth training in California in 2017 and coach regularly the squad since then.

Very experimented in all triathlon distances, from sprint to full Ironman, she recently finished second in her category in the Ironman 70.3 Arizona, who qualified her for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship.

Joffrey Renaud 
 Squad Coach

Joffrey has a background of elite pool swimmer.
As an athlete he now focused on triathlon from short ditance to 70.3.
Swim coach in the past 4 years for one of the biggest Triathlon Club in Montreal (Olympique Triathlon) he now dedicates his coaching passion and expertise with the  Swim Smooth Montreal Squad.

Justine Brousseau    Squad Coach
  Open water specialist

Experimented open water swimmer, Justine is focused on long distances. She has participated in the International Marathon of Lac-à-Jim (10k), the Lake Tremblant crossing (12k), the Kingdom Swim (16K) and finally the Swim the Kingdom Week (9 days, 8 lakes, 69k).

Justine has completed the Swim Smooth training and the World Open Water Swimming Coaches Certification. 

Paul Newsome
Mentor and Swim Smooth founder 

"All of my life I've loved swimming and the feeling of training, racing and just playing in the water. My childhood, education and career have been dedicated to coaching, training and racing in this sport and my other passion - triathlon. 


Swim Smooth is all about taking my knowledge, and that of the rest of the Swim Smooth team, and delivering it to you in the wider world. We put a lot of effort into getting the best swimming know-how and techniques in the world and presenting it to you clearly, whatever your level of swimming. I've put together a bit more of a bio on my background below"

For a complete bio of Paul Newsome, click here

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